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The quality of VCD video is worse than VHS video
Although VHS is analogue while VCD is digital, VCD is a low bitrate format. So low, that it is worse than VHS.

This is why we recommend converting to DVD


We offer a wide array of conversion and recording services. Please refer below for a summary of the most requested conversions. Please note that the total charges exclude delivery.

Job Price per Tape
Video-8 to DVD $25.00
Hi-8 to DVD $25.00
Digital-8 to DVD $25.00
Mini DV to DVD $25.00
VHS to DVD $25.00
S-VHS to DVD $25.00
VHS-C to DVD $25.00
Beta Max to DVD $25.00


Job Price
Digital Image to Video $0.15 each
Slides Scanning $0.50 each
Photo Scanning $1.00 each
Music $9.99 each


Other questions? Please try our calculator or our FAQ or contact us!

Doorstep Collection/Delivery

Service Delivery Charge
Delivery and Collection $20 ($40 for 2 way delivery) *
International Contact us
* Delivery rate may vary according to weight, location and time
- Collection addresses must be provided via the contact form to ensure accuracy.

Video Editing Services

Editing of video Price Varies. Please contact us with your requirements.

If a service you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us as our full range of services are too large to be displayed here. We offer up to 15% discounts for bulk conversions, at request.

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